PAIN-TRIARCHY SERIES (PART I), 2015, 4 min 23 sec

This depicts the pains of patriarchy as rocks covered in painted paper and charcoal are thrown cumulatively onto “water,” which is occupied by a body that cries "OW" repeatedly and then at the end declares "Die Patriarchy Die!"

Participating artists: Nobutaka Aozaki, Madeline Hollander, Sarah Mattes, Neven Lochhead, Pablo Rasgado, and Jessica Vaughn

While deconstructing the shame of being raised in a conservative patriarchal religion, this new body of work created during my residency at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, discusses the pains of patriarchy and the palpable and hidden wounds it creates in a dark and playful manner. Using methods such as collage, painting, and sculptural drawings, I take the vulnerable, heavy experiences and display them in exaggerated, blithe ways to cloak the severity of the patriarchal infliction and subvert the discomfort of patriarchy. The animated style of the work illustrates the lightness of how sometimes patriarchy is accepted or portrayed in our culture as it slowly constructs a distressing fissure in our society.